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Executive search

Galia Weiner Executive Search Consulting specializes in upper and middle management search (CEOs, VPs, etc.), as well as in unique position locating such as foreign recruits, directorate and board members and other experts for companies.

Given our years of experience as a boutique executive search and placement firm, we are well aware of the importance of the process, the need for full discretion and the budgetary constraints. Whether you are in need of immediate recruits or seeking guidance for long-term recruiting strategies, we will find the right candidate for you and work alongside you, every step of the way. Your success is our success!
Choose the right search model for you:

Background checks, evaluations and due diligence for boards, entrepreneurs and executives

Galia Weiner Executive Search Consulting offers executive evaluation and advisory services for organizations undergoing improvement processes, organizational and strategic change, or headed towards acquisition, sale or public offering.

We understand the critical importance of an efficient process. We employ our vast experience gained through accompanying small, medium and large-scale hi-tech companies and executives in various stages of development and change influenced by global developments.

Our model provides in-depth executive and key personnel evaluations that delve into their individual and team capabilities. We will also provide you with a detailed plan for future development, according to the requested assessment and stated goals.

Executive career consulting

One-on-one career consulting for executives facing changes and critical decisions, whether in their current role or towards change. Our process is grounded in decades of ongoing work with executives and companies in the fields of hi-tech (medium and large companies and start-ups), business and services in Israel and abroad.

Our executive career consulting service is personally tailored to each of our clients, and includes recommendations on personal branding and executive career management, as well as practical guidance for future development.

Recruitment, career management and personal branding workshops and seminars

Choose from our selection of tailored workshops and seminars for organizations and teams:
Recruitment – for recruitment directors, organizational recruiting departments and HR personnel.
Career Management and Personal Branding – for executives, employees and members of organizations in all fields.