Executive Search and Recruitment Models – Working alongside you

The true strength of a successful organization lies in its leaders. Nothing is more important than an executive team comprised of talented individuals who contribute from their own values and skills to the company. In today’s dynamic business world and the constant changes in organizational management, recruiting the best of the best senior managers is of the utmost importance.
As a seasoned boutique firm specializing in executive search and placement for organizations, we are well aware of the intricacies and importance of the process, the need for full discretion and the budgetary constraints. Galia Weiner Executive Search Consulting strives to provide you with a professional service perfectly tailored to your needs and budget, so you can march your organization forward with the best people on board.

Whether you are in need of immediate recruits or seeking guidance for long-term recruiting strategies, we will find the right track for you. Your success is our success.

Retained Search

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Your company is on a constant quest for attaining goals and achieving success. You will settle for nothing short of the best, and are eager to implement new strategies to push your company forward – and for that you need a top-tier executive team to lead your business to greatness. Perhaps you are interested in recruiting excelling executives from your competitors, and require the utmost discretion along with persuasion and an irresistible offer. Our exclusive Retained Search model is the right track for you.

We begin by studying the ins-and-outs of your field of specialties and your specific needs integral to the search and recruiting process. Next, we compile a long list of potential candidates, which is then narrowed down to a short list, focused on compatibility and candidate comparison attained via additional information (recommendations, etc.). Finally, we provide you with our detailed opinion on each candidate and recommendations on how to proceed.

This pre-paid and fully secure exclusive model guarantees our full commitment to a successful recruiting process and locating the best candidates for each position, up until contract signing.

Advanced Search

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In today’s dynamic business world you need a quick and flexible recruiting model, without compromising your needs for excellent executives. These needs are met with our Advanced Search model.

This is one of our most successful executive recruitment and placement models. You, the client, commit to full or partial exclusivity and advanced payment, with the rest payed upon completion of the successful process. We will do everything in our power to make yours a successful and quick process, a win-win to both sides.

We begin by studying the ins-and-outs of your field of specialties, including competitors and potential partners. We examine placement needs and create a candidate profile. Next, we compile a short list of potential candidates complete with our detailed opinion on each. We work alongside you throughout the entire process, from search through selection and up to the final signing.

Contingency Search

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You don’t always have to look far – sometimes the answer is right under your nose. When a position needs to be filled and you know exactly what you are looking for, you need a concise process with high success rates. You need a Contingency Search, our success-fee model – we are certain that we can successfully recruit and place any executive position in your company.

We begin by helping you characterize your field of expertise and the position you are looking to fill. Together, we create a candidate profile. Next, we locate suitable candidates from our large pool of executives, and help you select the perfect fit and finalize the signing process.